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AIR TRACTOR Fire Boss (N803NZ) - A pair of CO Fire Aviation's SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) aircraft, N803NZ and N809NZ, are viewed here taxiing up to the air tanker base at RTS to take on another load of retardant.
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AIR TRACTOR Fire Boss (N803NZ)


A pair of CO Fire Aviation's SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) aircraft, N803NZ and N809NZ, are viewed here taxiing up to the air tanker base at RTS to take on another load of retardant.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The tanker base ground personnel were extremely busy. Temperature at Stead on this sunny afternoon was 99 degrees (F) so temperature out on the hot ramp was well into triple digits, but the ground personnel were constantly refilling aircraft with retardant. In straight-line air miles, the North Fire was only a short distance north of RTS, so it did not take long for aircraft to depart Stead, arrive at the wildfire and make their retardant drops, and arrive back at Stead. And ... there were five aircraft in a constant and steady "arrive-reload retardant-depart-return for more" stream: these two CO Fire Aviation SEAT tankers, an Erickson Aero Tanker Mad Dog, and two Neptune Aviation BAe-146 tankers. Just as the ground crew would finish pumping retardant into one (or, as seen here, two) aircraft, another tanker would have just landed and would be taxiing up to this area of the ramp. When it comes to fighting wildfires, no person involved in any segment of the battle has it easy. My deepest admiration AND my VERY sincere Thanks go to every single person who fights wildfires.
Gavin Hughes
These photos make a valuable history to go with stories of heroic actions by those who put themselves out there, from ground crews to firefighters both on the ground and in the air. A salute to them all doesn't seem enough.
गतिविधि लॉग
क्या आप 1998 से N803NZ के लिए पूरा इतिहास खोज चाहते हैं? अभी खरीदें। एक घंटे में इसे पायें।
दिनांक जहाज मूल गंतव्य स्थान प्रस्थान आगमन अवधि
23-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 15:09 PDT 15:10 PDT (?) 0:01
23-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Near Minden, NV 10:33 PDT Last seen 10:47 PDT 0:14
22-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Near Carson City, NV 16:58 PDT Last seen 18:00 PDT 1:01
22-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Reno/Stead () 16:04 PDT 16:49 PDT 0:45
22-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Minden-Tahoe () 14:58 PDT 15:44 PDT 0:46
22-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 13:02 PDT 14:10 PDT 1:08
22-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Reno/Stead () 12:01 PDT 12:51 PDT 0:50
22-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Minden-Tahoe () 11:03 PDT 11:44 PDT 0:41
21-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Reno/Stead () 18:02 PDT 19:32 PDT 1:29
21-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Minden-Tahoe () 12:46 PDT 13:21 PDT 0:34
21-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Minden-Tahoe () 12:14 PDT 12:32 PDT 0:18
21-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Minden-Tahoe () 11:40 PDT 11:58 PDT 0:17
21-जुलाई-2021 AT8TMinden-Tahoe ()Minden-Tahoe () 11:03 PDT 11:22 PDT 0:18
21-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Minden-Tahoe () 10:07 PDT 10:46 PDT 0:39
20-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 15:20 PDT 16:50 PDT 1:29
20-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 14:06 PDT 15:13 PDT 1:06
19-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 19:34 PDT 20:38 PDT 1:03
19-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 18:38 PDT 19:22 PDT 0:44
19-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 13:05 PDT 14:01 PDT 0:56
17-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 19:26 PDT 20:21 PDT 0:54
17-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 18:21 PDT 19:14 PDT 0:53
16-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 19:35 PDT 20:35 PDT 1:00
16-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 18:30 PDT 19:24 PDT 0:53
16-जुलाई-2021 AT8TReno/Stead ()Reno/Stead () 17:29 PDT 18:22 PDT 0:52
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