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    प्रस्थान: Pikangikum Airport (Pikangikum, Ontario) [CYPM]

    पहचानप्रकारगंतव्य स्थानप्रस्थानEstimated
    Arrival Time
    WSG1480B190Sioux Lookout ()Mon 15:40 CSTMon 16:13 CSTMon 16:09 CST
    PAG1551DH8ARed Lake ()Mon 13:15 CSTMon 13:28 CSTMon 13:28 CST
    PAG1553DH8ARed Lake ()Sat 15:22 CSTSat 15:35 CSTSat 15:35 CST
    PAG1552DH8ARed Lake ()Sat 13:13 CSTSat 13:26 CSTSat 13:26 CST
    PAG1551DH8ARed Lake ()Sat 10:57 CSTSat 11:19 CSTSat 11:19 CST
    WSG766B190Red Lake ()Fri 20:54 CSTFri 21:07 CSTFri 21:07 CST
    WSG1480B190Sioux Lookout ()Fri 16:24 CSTFri 16:58 CSTFri 16:55 CST
    PAG2663SW4Winnipeg Int'l ()Mon 19:42 CSTMon 20:28 CSTMon 20:28 CST
    PAG2664SW4Sioux Lookout ()Mon 19:19 CSTMon 19:49 CSTMon 19:49 CST
    WSG752DH8ASioux Lookout ()Sat 15:10 CSTSat 15:52 CSTSat 15:52 CST
    PAG2663SW4Winnipeg Int'l ()Thu 18:07 CSTThu 18:49 CSTThu 18:49 CST
    WSG1480B190Sioux Lookout ()Wed 17:43 CSTWed 18:16 CSTWed 18:16 CST
    WSG752B190Sioux Lookout ()Wed 13:17 CSTWed 13:59 CSTWed 13:59 CST
      रजिस्टर्ड यूजर (रजिस्टर करना नि:शुल्क और आसान है!) 40 इतिहास देखें (रजिस्टर करें)

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